Oriental bank of commerce

We have successfully maintained our name in banking sector, perks of which is, oriental bank of commerce handed their Awadhpuri branch in our name. Beautifully built in 1500 sq.ft. Bank is much spacious and fulfilled with all the amenities.

Diyara bazaar

Diyara Bazaar, as the name suggest is modern "bazaar" (commercial center) in Awadhpuri. A G+1 structure holds 6 shops on ground floor and 5 on first floor. As the plot was in irregular shape...Designing a commercial space was challenging, still beating every obstacle stands tall "diyara bazaar". Also, first floor of the complex can be modified into a school anytime as shops are designed in such a way that each shop can be converted into usable closed, secured space.


As Aaryawarta office deals with various professions, it is a customized design and made with the utmost interest of owner. Small in size, but is designed in such a way that cabin looks huge in size and very creatively incorporated a small pantry and a small cabin with attached toilet.